The Eagle has landed… and has landed with fish!

Last week marked an emotional milestone in a 6 month long uphill battle. While it’s been 11 years since passing my board of review for Eagle Scout, the same feelings of accomplishment which I had experienced as a 17 year old boy are stoking my soul.

The children of Chitipi children’s home will be eating fresh fish for Christmas this year.

Nelson, a recent MSCE candidate and child within the Children of the Nation’s program from Mtzilizta village near Lilongwe traveled the furthest he had ever been in Malawi while accompanying me on the long arduous journey to the National Aquaculture Center in Domasi Malawi. On this trip, Nelson learned how to make feeds using an experimental exclusive plant based formula which will be used in a head to head experiment against fish meal based Maldeco feed which is over twice as expensive. After 3 days of hands on training from the staff at NAC, we returned back to Lilongwe delivering the precious 60 Tilapia rendali and 60 Oreochromis shiranus to the fish pond at the children’s home. After 5 hours on the road, we reached Chitipi and were greeted with tremendous excitement. In all honesty, I’ve never seen the kids so excited once I convinced them that there were real live fish swimming around in this strange looking plastic bag filled with oxygen and green tinted water. They were screaming SOMBA! SOMBA! (“fish” in Chichewa) as the sun faded, concluding yet another day in the warm heart of Africa.

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J. Minich

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